The Power of U

The power of u.

the power of u self improvement

Have you thought of how to turn each day into your personal development plan.

It all starts with the 80/20 theory.

it’s not about what happens during your day. It’s all about how you deal with what happens each day.

This is the Scenario I like to use as an explanation:-

– the family are sitting around the table having breakfast, mum, dad, Mary & Tommy. Tommy reaches across the table and spills his glass of milk – what happens next?

Mum jumps up, yells at Tommy, grabs a cloth starts to soak up the milk, all the while berating Tommy. Mary sneaks away from the table, Dad tells mum to stop shouting at the child, mum turns on dad, Tommy is crying. Everyone leaves the house in the morning in bad moods, upset and unhappy…… you can complete the rest of this scenario, kids late for school, dad in minor accident driving angry.

example 80 20 rule unhappy family


Mum jumps up, quickly clears up the spill, tells Tommy it’s OK sweetheart, it’s all sorted. Everyone finishes breakfast and leaves for school and work happy.

happy family 80 20 rule


The 80/20 rule.


HOW DO YOU USE THE 80/20 Rule in your life?





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