How To Improve Yourself and Your Life – Week One

Are you ready to do this? Ready to commit to at least 90 days? Ready to learn how to improve yourself and your life,  day by day, week by week?

how to improve yourself and your life


Your Success Calender

Make up a calendar ten (10) blocks across and nine (9) blocks down.

Number 1 to 10 across the first row, 11 to 20 next row and so on until you reach 90.

Shade in the following Days – 15, 30, 45,60, 75 and 90

Your Success Checklist

Using your Wheel of life sections below, write one goal you want to achieve beside each section.

At Number 1, It may be to spend an hour each day doing something together as a family.

Number 2 relates to a career or work something.

Number 3 lose weight, gain weight, join a gym etc

Place a tick box next to each goal and a space to make a comment of what you did. You will need 90 of these – one for each day. Mark each one as Day 1, Day2, and so on to Day 90.

  1. Family/relationships
  2. Career/Work
  3. Health/Fitness
  4. Personal Growth
  5. Money/Finances
  6. Physical Environment
  7. Fun/Joy
  8. Romance

Then under this write – ONE POSITIVE THING I NOTICED TODAY….. and leave a space to fill something in here

Then under this write – WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW……and leave a space to fill something in here.

As you tick off each of the eight and make your comments every day, cross that day off your calendar.

Day 1  Begin with the end in mind

Today it begins, this is the first day of what will be an entirely new experience for you. Where will it end?How to improve yourself and your life

Take a moment, you are now going to close your eyes & imagine that it is 90 days from today. Travel into the future until you are looking at a future happier changed you. When you are ready step into the future so you can see. Hear and feel what the future you, is seeing, hearing & feeling.

The more you let yourself get into the joyful feeling, the easier you will be able to return to this visualization again & again during the 90 days. Each time you return to this visual you are programming your mind for success.

Day 2  A picture of success

Today take some time and find a picture of something or someone that inspires you. Place it somewhere you will see it every day. Whenever you need an extra shot of determination or courage, look at your inspirational picture to remind you of “success”How to improve yourself and your life

As we look at a picture of someone reaching their goal, our own resolve and will to win is strengthened.

Day 3  Do something you have been putting off

You have been procrastinating about….. How to improve yourself and your life

  • Cleaning out the clothes in your cupboard,
  • Clearing out the garage,
  • Getting rid of the boxes of stuff you have been carting around forever.
  • Clean the oven

These are the jobs we hate…..

Day 4  Accept yourself

By focusing on our future goals, it can seem we are rejecting who we are in the present. This is not so. Take some time to stand in front of a mirror and send love and approval to yourself. Acceptance does not mean you do not want to change something, it just means you are willing to accept where you are now is where you are today.

Day 5  The best year of your life

Chances are if you are using your daily sheets, you have already decided its time for a change. You may not have realized that you are more than likely thinking too small…….

Here is anther visualization for you to practice – Close your eyes and imagine it is a year from now & you have had the best year of your life. What must have happened for that to be true? Be very specific about each area of your wheel of life.

It is important to be very clear, Take your time and imagine your life has become outrageously better, go for it imagine BIG! Then during the day spend time thinking about how fantastic your life can be, do this every couple of hours to get the feelings and thoughts ingrained in your mind.

Day 6 An attitude of gratitude

We can get so caught up in our own worries and concerns, that we forget to see all the good things we have in our lives.

This evening before we go to bed, we are going to spend some time writing down three things we are grateful for in our lives.

You will have the day to think about the good things happening around you & to you. Today you will be aware and watching to see what you can write.

Start your sentences with Today I am grateful for ……….

how to improve yourself and your life

Day 7 Review and Renew

This is the seventh day, today take some time and reflect on how far you have come, re-focus on where you are heading.How to improve yourself and your life

Today it is time to review and renew…. write your answers

  1. The best things that happened this week were:
  2. My biggest challenges this week were:
  3. I did these things for the first time:
  4. What I learned was:
  5. My three top priorities for the week ahead are:
    • a
    • b
    • c

Week 1 Completed

How are you feeling after all of your achievements of the last seven days? Ready for the next seven days?

I will be following up with the next seven days in a new post, so watch for it.